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In 2015 we entered the food industry as a franchisee of a Food Chain, in Northern kerala as we had only limited views on what constituted a good Restaurant and Bakery.

Fast forward, in just Four years we are happy to announce that we have grown a lot as a company, maintaining our strong ethos of upholding ethical practices in food industry. We have increased the number of products that we offer and we have reached to more customers with our continuous growth principle.

We have now evolved and take the more fitting name of Olene Canto, as now we offer ethical, healthy, Fast “People’s Bakes & Restaurant”. We know it was all about making a choice of taking risk, when we decided to challenge the unethical practices of food industry, as the industry standards were set with artificial flavors that enhanced the smell and taste, artificial colors that enhanced the esthetics and chemical preservatives that enhanced product life. We took the initiatives to say “NO” to all artificial colors, artificial enhancers, animal fats and addictives, and chemical preservatives.

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"Olene Canto is all about the combined efforts of chefs, cooks, servers, farmers, and all other stake holders and I see that partnership extending to our guests by providing the highest quality food and service in a warm and welcoming environment"

Ashik K V, Managing Director

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